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As a business owner, you must know that your business is an independent entity and it’s free-standing from you and your personal finances.
We are here to do your accounting and ensure that the two finances are separated.

Separating the two:
1. Keeps your professional image.
2.Is a requirement for tax purposes.
3. Helps when the need to apply for business credit arises.
4. Saves time and money.
5. Enables you to have a clear picture of how the business is doing
We have individual and business pricing packages just for you.

Tips for separating the two
1. As a business owner pay yourself a salary – It eliminates the use of the company bank accounts or cards in paying for personal expenses.
2. Maintain separate accounts – It makes it easy when preparing the tax returns for the business and for the business owner and easy reference when the tax man wants to validate the legitimacy of your business.
3. Track share expenses – Separating your business receipts is so important when running the business, mixing the personal and business expenses have hefty consequences when it comes to taxes.
4. Have a dedicated accounting system in place – Which will help you to track your business and personal expenses.
5. Hire an Accountant or Bookkeeper – Who will help you in ensuring that you draw a line between the personal and business expenses and that allows you to transfer the burden of handling your business finances.

Business owners usually mix the two finances with the interpretation that it will still come back to them, missing the point that it must go to them in a correct way that will not lead you to be on the wrong side of the tax man or collapse of your business.

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