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An entrepreneur is not necessarily an accountant. There is struggle in success; all businesses start small and slow. It’s your job to provide goods and services to the economy, build up strategies to improve your quality and satisfy customers. However, it is our job to share the burden on your shoulders by doing your numbers and taxes and help you save thousands of dollars.

Ishmut Accounting Services (Pty) Limited will provide you with the best of accounting, payroll and tax services you need. We have an expert team of tax and accounting professionals with many of industrial experience. They know well about global taxation system and will help you in various financial task management practices by proving best consultancy services.

Why hire Ishmut Accounting Services (Pty) Limited as your accountant?

  • Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping is managing your finances and the transactions you have made throughout the year. A bookkeeper keeps close tabs on where the money came from and where the money went to. All the receipts and invoices are documented by a bookkeeper who then prepares your financial statements at the end of the year.

Bookkeeping can be complicated and is a lengthy task if a proper track is not kept. Often times, your personal accountant can also be cooking books just to portray a higher profit (under management influence). In order to avoid such problems, you can hire us to provide you a truthful and honest view of your financial performance, reports prepared by our expert accountants, business strategies and professional advice on how to improve your business.

  • Payroll consultant:

Keeping track of all the activities regarding your employees while managing the business as well as the cash is not a piece of cake, we know. Payroll is an arduous task that can be managed in-house; however, it’s always a good choice to have your accounts look over by a pair of expert eyes. A comprehensive inspection of your payroll by a professional might save you a lot of money by identifying mistakes you didn’t even know you had made. We will be able to do the following for you:

  • Set up a payroll system efficiently
  • Track employee hours; over-time, part-time or full-time
  • Pay slip preparation for all your employees
  • Salary deductions for sick leave or payment of perquisites
  • Manage pensions and other medical benefits
  • Prepare reports on how to minimize your payroll costs
  • Help you focus on your business while we manage the payroll for you
  • Provide guidance on how to make your payroll efficient
  • Tax consultant:

There are many pros of hiring a tax consultant for your business and we will list them below for you:

  • The major benefit of hiring a tax consultant is that you will save a lot of time and money. Often times we spend hours collecting files and looking for tax credits to minimize our taxes. A tax consultant is so updated with all the tax laws that they can figure out all the tax credits you can claim in a single look.
  • A single mistake in tax preparation can cost you a lot of money. A professional would guide you about the forms you must file, tax charges and all tax laws relating to your business and situation.
  • Specially, if your income comes under various heads, the filing of return can become a nuisance. It’s best if you hire a tax consultant to assist you with all the jargons and specify all the deductions that you deserve under separate heads of income.
  • We will provide you best strategies on how to avoid tax charges. There are many loopholes in tax law that you can use to your advantage and reduce your taxes remarkably. A professional tax consultant will find these loopholes for you and before you know your tax expense would have been reduced significantly.


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